Every Cheese a Wannabe

Every cheese would like to take a bath in a fruity Chardonnay, but – unfortunately – only the best is allowed to: The Moser Bio Premium Chardonnay. Handmade with milk from the Seeland (Lakeland) region, sensitively smeared, tenderly bathed in the best Chardonnay wine, perfectly affinated, award-winning and then, most of all: outrageously enjoyed.

Aux Noix


All of a sudden, there they were

Walnuts, that is. And they were looking for the best cheese. A white mold cheese it had to be. And definitively one from Moser’s cauldron. Moser’s skilled cheesemakers examined the walnuts. They came from the homeland of walnuts, the town of Stara Planina in Bulgaria. Grown wild, amongst figs, lavender, and roses; then carefully handpicked and dried in the old traditional way. And they tasted well, incredibly nutty. What convinces Moser’s cheesemakers is certainly appreciated by cheese experts. Therefore they agreed to the marriage, and the best white mold cheese from the dairy in Dotzigen and the walnuts from Stara Planina became the couple “Moser Bio Premium Aux Noix”. At the celebration hearty wholegrain bread and a fruity white wine were served.

Cru Blanc


It wants you

You saunter along the glass display filled with delicacies, and all of a sudden you sense it: A flirtation is in the air. You turn around, but there’s no one. And then, focusing on your senses, you realize what arouses you: Our Moser Bio Premium Cru Blanc, a raw milk Camembert. The only one from Switzerland. No doubt, for you the Moser Bio Premium Cru Blanc gives everything, it is tasteful indeed. Full of aromas, a dense soft core, and a lot of character. And it starts melting upon the imagination what awaits you and it at your home: Red wine, lust and fresh figs. So next time you’re sauntering listen to your senses. But don’t forget, it is only in the best displays where a Moser Bio Premium Cru Blanc is longing for you. Return the favor.



A nuance more delicate

Just articulate the following word very tenderly:
Pretty good. But now a nuance more delicate:
Breath-taking. You hear it and it’s melting. You are
CHARMANT, as the French say for “charming”.
And charmant it continues:
That’s the maker, Maitre Fromager Ueli Moser who first felt and then created the Moser Bio Premium Charmant.
The certificate that recognizes the organic milk for the Moser Bio Premium Charmant. But, in the end, it’s not about the certificate. It’s about taste.
It simply means: “incredibly good”.

winner of Swiss Cheese Award 2016 «soft cheese flavour»



Between you and me: the Moser Bio Premium Trüffel is a pampered only child. The delicate white-mould cheese is hand-shaped, enhanced with a fine filling of black truffles and mascarpone, perfectly ripened and garbed in poplar wood. In other words: 150 grams of Sunday.