Bio Finesse


They would like to, but they shouldn’t - this is the everyday life of lactose intolerant people. But having to say “no” too often is not good for the zest of life. Therefore every cheese plate should include the Moser Bio Finesse, because it is lactose free. It is typical creamy, soft, mildly sour, the usual hint of champignons. And intolerance is a thing of the past.

Bio Brie


The Moser Bio Brie, from our organic collection, is as complex in character as its velvety white rind is demure. The shopper who has a largish piece cut at the cheese counter will enjoy a youthfully soft and mild treat that evening, or the creaminess and richness of a mature delicacy a few days or weeks later. Ideal with tree nuts and a dry Riesling&Silvaner.

Bio Camembertli


When young, the Moser Bio Camembertli is the cheese of choice of all children and many adults: mild, soft, but firm enough to cut well, cloaked in a mantle of innocent white. Connoisseurs often allow it to ripen a bit, to enjoy the fine creaminess as it melts on the tongue. The Moser Bio Camembertli turns a mid-morning snack into a satisfying meal, boiled potatoes into a sumptuous feast and the refrigerator into the scene of a crime.

Bio Buure Weichkäsli


A miniature feast in five bites. A tasty treat in a crusty bun to tide you over to the next meal. A naughty moonlight snack when you have cautiously eased open the refrigerator door and tactical considerations make you reluctant to take out a cheese knife. Thirty-five grams light, but with full-bodied aroma, given time and maturity, quite tangy even: Moser Bio Buure Weichkäsli is a small but precious jewel.

Bio Block Brie


his soft white-mould cheese made from organic Swiss milk has a deliciously well-rounded taste, even when angular in form. Young, mild and soft, it is unadulterated pleasure; ripe, creamy and rich, it is equally enjoyable. It pairs wonderfully with potatoes boiled in their skins during the work week and with crispy whole grain bread, an aromatic pear, a glass of Pinot Gris on Sundays – or the other way around.

Bio Alpenchili


You recognize it at first sight: This cheese is - peppery - hot. The white surface with the short white mold is covered in garlic pepper, herbs, black and pink pepper corns. And what’s on it is also in it: a refined handmade mix with the herb “Alpenchili” from the Bernese Alps, nicely surrounded by a cheese made of organic whole milk. Spices up a “Gschwellti”, boiled potatoes, a Swiss specialty, and other foods.