Riesling x Sylvaner


Müller-Thurgau grapes grow to ripeness on the sunny slopes of Thurgau. The wine they produce is the perfect choice for marinating the creamy hand-formed soft cheese and carefully cultivating its flavour. The result is a distinctive fragrant delicacy with a subtle hint of nutmeg that lends an elegant dignity to any cheese buffet. An exquisite taste of nature for those who find life too precious for mediocre cheese.



Between you and me: the Moser Premium Trüffel is a pampered only child. And it has been ever since it received the Swiss Cheese Award upon its debut in 2012. The delicate white-mould cheese is hand-shaped, enhanced with a fine filling of black truffles and mascarpone, perfectly ripened and garbed in poplar wood. In other words: 150 grams of Sunday.

Fette Berta


What a sore temptation, the Screamer. 150 grams of opulence in the form of round double cream cheese. Well, actually with over 75% fat it’s a triple cream, but in Switzerland we do not make this distinction. It doesn’t matter, it’s creamy, no wait, buttery, it tastes mildly sour, gives a great mouthfeel, it’s a full fat experience, definitely worth a sin. Screamer, the newest creation from Ueli Moser, received the price for “Best Innovation” at the Swiss Cheese Awards in 2014. The Screamer comes in presentable wood box, perfect for a gift for an invitation.